“That Sunday”

The article “That Sunday” explores a historical jazz trio that was based in New York City about 40 years ago. Author, Adam Gopnik, speaks about old NYC and shows that he is very knowledgeable of jazz by presenting several references. Through all of his works, I believe that Gopnik does not get to the point u
ntil that final page of the article. He mentions that music is “Not a timeless experience of a general emotion but a permanent experience of a particular moment…” (Gopnik). Ultimately, Gopnik argues that art, specifically music, puts a time in a place

Music lasts forever because the listener is able to put him or herself into that time frame. It reminds us of the experiences and emotions from that specific time. Many people feel that classical and jazz music are timeless because anyone can relate to them at a given moment. This, in fact makes life timeless. Gopnik argues that in the case of Bill Evans, his live recordings take us back to the exact moment that he performed at on a Sunday afternoon at the Village Vanguard. The clanking sound of glasses and muffled conversations enhance the atmosphere.

Music has developed a great deal since the jazz era, however; I do agree that music gives our lives the ability to be timeless. Whatever genre it may be music allows one to feel a sense of connection with that specific culture. Music is timeless because no matter who is listening or where they chose to listen the experience of that particular moment from the composer or artists is everlasting. Three minutes can affect listeners forever.

Listen to Bill Evans Alice in Wonderland live from the Village Vanguard Recordings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuzZ8mV9Zh8


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