Revised Autobiography

As children we all learn the foundations of writing. We learn how to form words but not everyone is given the ability to translate their experiences and feelings onto paper. Neither of my parents attended college so they were very adamant on my brother and I receiving a good education.

Growing up I was always the quiet one. I can remember being interviewed for enrollment to pre-K in a local private school. The teachers seemed very concerned about my communication skills. I could over hear them speaking to my parents about my inability to express myself through sentences. They took a chance on me and I was accepted. Throughout my first year at that school I began to become more extroverted. My teachers were astounded at my development. I was making friends with my fellow classmates and slowly, but surely began participating in class.

Then there was Kindergarten. My most memorable experience was an activity called “Brown Bear”. Each week one student was given the chance to take Brown Bear home for the weekend. We were instructed to record every single thing that we did with him. We went to the movies, we took a trip to the playground, and we listened to bed time stories today. This is my first experiences with writing. I enjoyed documenting my day. I payed close attention to detail and made sure to write about how I felt on that particular day. When the time came to present my writings to class I gave elaborate stories. I began to develop my own creativity. I enjoyed telling stories.

As I got older I became interested in poetry. In middle school, I met my most influential teacher. Her name was Ms Wesley and she taught creative writing. Being the first African American teacher that I had in a predominately white school, I especially took an interest to her. She worked with me in her spare time.  She pushed me to be the best me I could be both inside and outside of the classroom. For once I felt that I had a voice. Before I met Ms Wesley my writing was very objective. There were many writing sessions that I began to cry as I put my joys and sadness onto paper. I gained the confidence that I needed to succeed. My works of poetry resulted in me begin one of the only students in my school to be a published author. Hundreds of people were able to read my poem named “The New York Sax”.

In a sense, today’s society allows for all citizens to be a “published author”. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr allow for people to post their daily activities on the World Wide Web for anyone to see. These sites allow for people to express themselves creatively in a new medium through blogging, writing, and photo postings. I myself, am I regular user of these social networks. The internet gives us a great opportunity to write anywhere and everywhere. On the other hand, it is taken away the significance of long hand writing. The importance of hand written letters has been lost. I prefer to send emails and Thank you letters to friends and loved ones. Since the 8th grade I have written a letter to myself every year. At the end of the year I reflect on my achievements, guilt, and future goals. I store the letter until the next year until it is time to open it again.

Throughout the years I have developed a creative sense of writing and before I took the Writing Workshop class i struggled when writing academic articles. Many times in classes, especially broadcast writing I struggle to state clear and concise facts. Because I play close attention to detail I find it objective writing very difficult. Also, I tend to have a lot of thoughts running through my head; this results in disorganized writing. My writing development is an ongoing adventure. This semester, during the writing workshop class, I believe that I have improved. I now feel more confident in doing all types of writing. I have learned the beauty of a rough draft. It is okay to write a mediocre rough draft, write all of my thoughts on paper, and come back to edit it later.  I do not feel as stressed out when writing long essays because I have learned how to gather my thoughts in a better way. I am now more open to letting others read my work because it is always beneficial to get a second opinion.

Writing is and always will be a major component of my life. Writing is defined as letters or characters that serve as visible signs of ideas, words, or symbols. In my personal life writing keeps me sane. I tend to have many thoughts in my head throughout the day. Writing allows me to escape reality and gather my thoughts. Rather than keeping things bottled up, pen and paper serve as an outlet that gives me the chance to say things that I am unable to so out loud. Each day I write in my journal. Many of my entries consist of my dreams. Whenever I can remember my dreams I write each detail down and their underlying meanings.

I desire to be a broadcast journalist. This profession requires a lot of writing. It allows me to use my words to communicate with the public current events and important information. Journalists must remain objective but I have learned that I have to compromise my creativity. I preciously thought that being creative was synonymous with being poetic and imaginative. Contrary to my beliefs, being a creative writer means to find unique ways to express your thoughts to a reader.


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