The Corruption of Intercollegiate Athletics

Over the past years there has been an ongoing debate about wether student athletes are adequately compensated. A south park episode struck my interest, which led to my final research paper.

“They have begun to exploit the athletes. Once college athletes sign a university contract they are given strict obligations and are denied of many Constitutional rights. The corruption that has manifested itself as a result of this athletic culture, has lead to huge profits ,of the NCAA and other institutions, off of free labor. The best way to eliminate this NCAA corruption is by paying student athletes.”

In ESPN’s Michigan Fab Five documentary, Jalen Rose explained his intercollegiate basketball experience at University of Michigan as, “I didn’t feel like a college student anymore, I felt like a professional athlete that wasn’t getting paid”. (“30 for 30”) The only joy the players were able to get out of the NCAA profits were playing the video games that they were featured in; however, they received no profit from them.”

Read More by clicking on this link: NCAAEssay .

May 8, 2012. Uncategorized.

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